Keep in mind that this project is still in development. This app does not represent the final solution and may change drastically.

SonicRV is a tool developed by ICS Team at JKU to help understanding the inner workings of a CPU and RISC-V cores in detail.

Head on over to one of the examples to try it out right now or read on to get an overview over its features.


  • View CPU circuit diagrams:

    See how the CPU processes the instructions directly within the circuit diagram.

  • Directly look at the waveform with Surfer
  • Simulate code online:

    You can simulate short machine code of a RISC-V program here. Behind the scenes, your program is simulated on one of our RISC-V CPUs using GHDL.

  • Information extraction for circuit diagram visualization:

    We use our open-source Waveform Analysis Language (WAL) to extract all information from the waveform produced by the GHDL simulation.

Keep in mind that simulated programs are not persistent and may be deleted at any time. Bookmarks to simulated programs are not permanent!